New Personal Store URLs

Thursday, November 03, 2011

New Personal Store URLs

You can now refer everyone to the Stratus Mall using your very own Personal URL

Your Personal URL

Add /store/#### to to make your url. For example: If your stratus Id was 9999, your personal URL is

You can also visit the Status Mall, sign in and you will see a 'share' button under your personal information. Click this share button to share your personal URL.

But That's Not All

Any page on the store can be shared with your personal URL. Simply insert /store/#### right after in any URL fromt the Stratus Mall. For example: If you wanted to share a link to Alive you change the default URL to and share the new link.

Every product also has a 'share' button on their pages. If your are signed into the mall and click this button, the link shared will have your Personal URL in it.

Add Your Company Name

If you have not added a company or business name to the system, the mall is using your name as a company name. You can add your company or business name by clicking the My Account link and then entering it in the Company Details section. Be sure to click the Save button.

Upload Your Picture

You can upload your picture by clicking the My Account link and then the Store Owner Picture link on the right. Click the Choose File button to browse your computer for your picture. Then be sure the click the Upload button. Once the upload is complete and you see the picture, click the Home page link.

A couple things to note:

  1. the Maximum Picture size is 200KB
  2. the pictures are resized to 180 pixels for the longest side maintaining the aspect ratio.

Pictures that are already 180 pixel by 180 pixels work best. However, pictures that are 180 pixels wide and 180 pixel or less in height also look very nice. Pictures that are taller than they are wide leave white space on the sides of the picture.