Picture of Dreamfield Fresh Food Bank Donation

Dreamfield Fresh Food Bank Donation

Make a difference by donating a fresh produce basket!
Member Bonus: $5.00
Increase to weekly basket
Please mail tokens to me

Dream Team members receive 2 Dream Basket tokens they can redeem for Produce Baskets.  They can optionally sell or give away tokens to others.

As part of the Dream Team, you have the opportunity to save money on your own produce and earn your way to FREE produce or CASH earnings.  You earn from every person you invite to be part of the Dream Team.

To earn FREE produce and products, simply invite others to join the Dream Team.  With 4 active team members, your basket is FREE every month.  You can also earn FREE produce every month with 2 active team members who also have 2 active team members.

After you earn your way to FREE produce, you will continue to earn POINTS toward other products and CASH earnings that can eventually replace a part to full time income.