These are the products we are running through the Partnership Phone Tree

*** If you need to fund your Stratus Vault account by debit or credit card, you can click HERE to load your Stratus Vault in $24 dollar increments via the Dreamfield Farms Online Shop.  Please note there is a $1  administrative fee that covers credit card fees and transferring money into the Stratus Vault.

The Partnership Path is all about the people and power of the organization we can create.  The $10 Product of the Month and other weekly deals are simply vehicles to generate economy for the organization and earnings for those that help build the organization.

Here are the Steps to Success

1) Load your Stratus Vault account

2) Commit to purchase the $10 Product of the Month

3) Bring on 2 Partners of your own 

4) Activate the Phone Tree by calling your partners at the first of each month.

PICK UP LOCATION - Pick up orders here! 

Dreamfield Farms / Clinton Nursery
1071 N 2000 W
Clinton, UT  84014 

Pick up time is between 9am and 12noon on Saturdays.  
Orders not picked up on time will be donated to the Dreamfield Fresh Food Bank and go to a family in need.

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Grocery Product

Ream's Market Springville, Utah 84663

Grocery Product

Macey's Market Provo, Utah 84601

Grocery Product

Macey's Market Spanish Fork, Utah 84660

Hills Bakery

Located in Ream's Market Springville, Utah 84663